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TTA Group partners with Bangkok to organize Buddy School Tour to prevent and end bullying

Wednesday 28th February 2024 — Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (TTA Group) and Department of Education Bangkok Metropolitan Administration had organized an event “Buddy School Tour” to collaboratively prevent and end bullying among students in school and social media.

Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, presided over the opening ceremony and participated in the activities for the Buddy School Tour at Surao Sai Kong Din School, Bangkok. The event was also attended by the Director of the Student Capacity Building Division, teachers, and students. 

The event included a Buddy Game activity to break the ice between the children, and a Talk Show on mental health by Mr. Sanon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Ms. Harisawan Siriwong, Managing Director of the Buddy Thai application, and Ms. Rattanaporn Panpiriya, Deputy Secretary of the Children and Youth Council of Thailand (CYCT). Furthermore, CYCT also held an activity in which students designed creative media to provoke the issues of sex education and violence prevention.

Mr. Sanon gave an opinion on the current situation of bullying in Thailand that “Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) turned its point to focus on this problem as schools should be a truly safe space for children and youth.  Buddy Thai Application has been operating for over 1 year and it serves as a friend with whom all children can share and express their feelings. In the future, we plan to expand this application to be more approachable for all students.”

The aim of this activity is to jointly raise awareness among children and youth to be aware of bullying behavior, emotional intelligence, and violence prevention. This activity also intends to promote the concept of ‘Self-understanding’ in emotional and mental health. Through the BuddyThai application, users can access various support channels when facing bullying or situations impacting their mental well-being.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Rajanagarindra Institute (CAMRI), Department of Mental Health is collaborating with Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (TTA Group) to develop an application called “BuddyThai” with the goals of helping children and youths who are bullied at school or through social media and hopefully relieving suicide rates among the children and youths in Thai society.

The BuddyThai Application has features and functions specifically designed to serve as an advisor for children and youths with 3 distinctions as follows.

  1. A button is available to directly request counseling with a psychologist. When pressing this button, a child or youth can contact the 1323 Hotline of the Department of Mental Health. Alternatively, the child or youth can choose to chat via Facebook with a psychologist from the Department of Mental Health, a psychologist and a volunteer at LoveCare Station of Path2Health Foundation, or the BuddyThai App on Facebook.

  2. There is a self-assessment in Emotional Quotient (EQ), and knowledge packages with exercises in life skills for children and youths to learn how to cope with life situations when being bullied. Good suggestions from reliable psychologists are also given.

  3. There is a record system for daily emotions. Children and youths can record their own emotions every day, several times a day. They can record their emotions and reasons. The data of emotions are recorded and presented in weekly and monthly statistics. Children and youths can check the tendency of their previous emotions and the reasons for them. Emotional management techniques are also available for self-study. If any child or youth continuously records his or her stress or depression for a week with any indications to commit suicide, the admin team will monitor them closely. The team may notify schools, teachers, or hotline psychologists about the issue for active contact.


For more information, please contact:

Tel. : 02-0330104

Facebook page : BuddyThai App IG : BuddyThaiApp Tiktok : Buddy.ThaiApp


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